Saturday, June 6, 2009

Time away

This morning I was able to go to a little "Mom's tea." (I actually have no idea what they called it. All I knew it was for homeschool moms - I qualified- and I needed a little time away from my dear sweet children)

It was great to fellowship with other veteran moms especially one in particular. We were talking about how God doesn't give us more than we can handle. (So when he gives me three two year olds - He knows that He created me to be their mommy)

I was thinking about this on the way home and having a little counseling session in my head with myself. (Yes, I have these frequently when I have time by myself)

Here were my thoughts:

"Yes, God does know that I can handle what he gives, BUT he is NOT expecting me to do this alone. I will not walk into church and tell everyone that I have it ALL together. No, in fact, He is putting me in this situation so that I can become dependent on him, while learning to ask for help when I need it. He is expecting me to feel a much wider range of emotions - cry more, laugh more and I will probably need more sleep."

So many times we peer into other people's lives and think - "Boy, they have it all together." No - not really - that is a lie that Satan wants us to believe so we become stuck in this comparison game or the denial that we need to help our fellow neighbor. When in all reality, we are all struggling with something. I think it would be such a break-through in the American Church if we would start to be real with each other. No more masquerading around something we are not - that is perfect.

Life as we know it will quickly change, but isn't that life? I don't want to live a comfortable happy life...I want to live a life that is hard and joyous all in the same breath.


Steph and Mitch T said...

Wow, what a fantastic reminder! Between this and the DWYL song Pastor Matthew posted on his blog I'm getting a good dose of humility (and teaching) today!! :)

crazylady said...

amen. We left a church because we couldn't show up with the unperfect look. We didn't have it together...we were even asking for help. We were screaming for help. The leaders didn't know what to do with a family that couldn't "get it together" even though we aknowledged Jesus as Lord and Savior. It was like they didn't know how to be practical Jesus to us...only theorectical Jesus...if that makes sense.

Flip-flop Mama said...

I agree with your thoughts! Your post makes me think of that Natalie Grant song "Perfect People." Glad you got some needed mom time!

Heather said...

Amen! I think I should join your counseling sessions in your head sometimes with you. : ) What a truth - we just talked about that in church this morning in reference to the Trinity and how God as 3 in 1 is the essence of community - true and perfect - and we were created in His image - thus we were created to be in community. So true that we really can only benefit from tat community when we are honest and real with one another and truly give and receive love. Thanks for sharing your heart friend - I love you!

Joel and Amy said...

Loved this post and wanted to share that I often have these same conversations/self therapy sessions in my head!! God is able--we only have to be willing and HE will do the rest! Thanks for sharing your journey and congrats on your referrals! Blessings, AMY