Monday, June 15, 2009

Fellowship and Fun

This weekend we went on a "vacation" to our friends in the cities. (We figured out that we must use that word whenever possible because we don't have "vacation days" because of owning our own business, nor do you ever take a whole week off.) So, on Saturday we were on vacation.

Carl went climbing with a buddy and the girls stayed back with me to hang out with their three kids.

The moms took the kiddos to the park to go play. When we arrived, everyone noticed that the wading pool was filled, but none had swimsuits. We all just climbed and went swinging. After a half hour, I suggested that maybe we all dip our toes in the water because everyone looked a little flushed. You know where this is leading... to the Coolest Mom's of the year award! Yes we let them all go swimming with their clothes on. They had a hoot jumping and splashing in 18 inches of water. This is what I call good clean and FREE fun.

We walked back to their house with dripping wet children with huge smiles on their faces.

I had a great afternoon of fellowship and laughter myself. I love our monthly little get together because it warms my heart.

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Heather said...

We are the lucky ones to have those images in our minds even if they didn't get captured for all to see - the joys of mothering captured in singular moments like that one. : ) (I think Gavin may ask to bring his suit to the park from now on for fear of being unprepared again) : )
We are blessed by you guys!!