Sunday, June 28, 2009

Adopted for Life

I just finished a great book by Russell D. Moore, author of Adopted For Life. This is a book about the Christian perspective of adoption upward and outward. I HIGHLY recommend it - even if you have no inkling of adoption. You may know someone who is adopted or is adopting. (And you just might never know how God will work on your heart in the process.)

One of the reasons I enjoyed this book so much was the fact that he showed me how God looks at adoption. Have you ever thought about the fact that Jesus was truly adopted into the line of Joseph. He had no DNA of Joseph running through his blood and yet he has the birth line of David.

You will not be disappointed reading this book. I am hoping many from my family and church will read it.


Courtney said...

thanks for sharing! i just ordered it!

Beth said...

Thanks! I just ordered it along with The Connected Child.