Monday, June 29, 2009


I admit that I wasn't completely listening to Grace and this is how the conversation started at dinner tonight.

"That's how God made me, Mom!"

Me: "hmm, what are you talking about Grace?"

Grace: "He made me to want to sit on the table. I just can't help how God made me."

Me: "Well, I am your mommy and I can make you NOT sit on the table."

Creative I tell you! She is always thinking. I will embrace how God made my children any day but they still can't sit on the table.

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crazylady said...

I know adults that still use that one.... "I'm just not a people person...that's just how God made me." UGH! can dinner be over already...we are just getting it off the stove....and I'm checking email.....God made my husband an awesome cook!