Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Duking it out!

Adie and I had the battle of the wills this morning and it is only 8:15 AM!

I have spent the past hour trying to get her dressed and brush her teeth. I wouldn't normally be so time crunched but we have VBS and need to leave in 10 mintues.

She wanted to change dresses for the 10th time and I put my foot down and said, "NO!"

I carried her into the kitchen kicking and screaming where she promptly spilled her juice on her dress so that she could change.

So my goal when she gets into these funks is to try to find something that motivates her to do what I want. Want to know what it was today? going outside to pick flower and listen to see if Daddy was flying in the airplane. Once she wanted to do that...we were dressed, hair done and teeth brushed in 2 minutes.

Off to VBS.

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Tengesdal 4 said...

God has given you a brilliant mind, a sensitive heart & a bit of a stubborn streak yourself, my friend! Your consistency is inspiring!