Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Wednesday Wonders

Nana bought a box of Fudge Pops and they have been a hit all week.
What can I say?  She likes to make a mess and clean too!
Science lab...dissecting a calf.

Grace lost her first tooth!  and it was very profitable too!  We tried and tried yesterday and no one could grab it without screams (a little drama).  Today it was my  turn.  She wasn't going to let me do, but I begged.  I pulled it out...scream...she was going to run away and pout, but my dad told her she better look in the mirror.  Much to her surprise...she had a hole where her tooth had been.  I had it in my hand.


Me said...

is 5 bucks the going rate for teeth these days??? inflation is off the charts!

Tengesdal 4 said...

Losing a tooth?!? Your baby IS growing up, isn't she?!?! Looks like you're having a great time at the ranch~ enjoy yourselves!! Happy Easter~

HOME...the most important place on earth said...

Dissecting a cow...very cool! Wow! Josiah hasn't even lost his first tooth yet...but if you kids take FOREVER to get their teeth so I'm not surprised that it will take FOREVER for them to fall out. :)

TMG said...

What a classic photo of Grace - huge smile and looking at something else.