Saturday, April 25, 2009

She almost made it today...

It is 9pm and I was going to sit down and blog about something other than Adie. Because today was a good day with hanging out with friends in the cities and she didn't have time to do anything mischievous.

Well, I opened blogger and I hear, "Moooooooooooom, Adie is getting into trouble."

By the time I run into their bedroom and look in, Adie had the tub of Cetaphil lotion all over her hands, feet, belly and carpet. Imagine she is more white that peach colored. Needless to say, her skin is well moisturized and I will probably need to call Stanly Steamer this week because lotion doesn't come up very well.

Now she is standing at her door crying because she doesn't want to go to bed.

Another day in the life of Adie Lynn Larsen.


Heather said...

Here I am laughing again at Adie. I am glad we could be a part of your day and help to limit Adie's antics to only one. : ) Oh I know it is not funny and I would be reacting much more than you, which is why God has given her to a loving mommy and daddy who He gives the grace to respond more than react...He is doing a work in your Larsens! : )
SO SO glad for a visit. I love catching up with you and learning from you. Thanks for blessing me with help as we visited - toys cleaned up very fast with all the Staceys at it. Love you friend!

LTN Ministry said...

I hear ya on that one...Memphis and Gage spread hemorrhoid cream all through the upstairs while they were taking a "nap". That was a tricky one to get out of carpet too! We also have invested in locks on the fridge/freezer and our washer and dryer came with control locks! Unfortunately they soon discovered how to the open the locks...they need to test these locks on kids like Adie, Gage and Memphis!