Sunday, April 26, 2009

Before 10 am

Adie got into my makeup bag and proceeded to squeeze out my foundation, break off 4 lipsticks, crush the eye shadow, and put mascara all over herself. I am glad that I haven't called Stanley Cleaner yet! My cream carpet is now a nice shade of beige, blue, and black.

I look her picture and cleaned her up. I responded to her behavior and did not react.
(I tell myself..."Respond, Respond, Respond...don't react."

I went to clean the kitchen and Adie was in her room.

After 10 minutes, I realize that it is too quiet.

She was going through my wallet and dumped everything out.

After that she dumped out my blue basket and everything in it.

I watch my child! I really do, but she is quick and sneaky!

Someday I will tell you stories about my other two children, but for now Adie likes the spotlight.


HOME...the most important place on earth said...

Seriously Angel....oh my goodness! You do have your hands full. :) Seth keeps me on my toes, but Adie is on a different playing field! :)

crazylady said...

a. leash.