Saturday, April 4, 2009

On fire...

I just got back from the MACHE homeschool conference with over 6000 people attending. It was great experience to be reminded that I am the best teacher for my children and God put our children in this family for an eternal purpose and that is to bring Him glory. I am excited to use some of the tools that I learned and games that I purchased. Sometimes after a long winter in doors things become too routine and honestly...blah. So we are going to do some more hands on learning this week and the weeks to follow. We are closing the workbooks and are going to do some discovery learning.

There is a whole lot more that might have to be another post because I am packing for our trip to Nana and Papa's ranch. We are sad because we have to leave Daddy behind, but the girls are giddy over the fact that they might be able to see a calf being born. (Yey - homeschool science on the road!)

Since I haven't posted any pictures or video is one of Adie saying that she is hungry. I have to catch her frog impersonation because it is way too cute.

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Heather said...

Glad you were encouraged - it was SO great to see you. You guys could crash at our house anytime! Thanks for giving me some adult speak time. : )
Hey - would you mind when you get a chance to make a list at the fun games you found? That is something I would like to have more of - oh and one more time remind me of the geography games your sister in law has? Thanks friend - have a blast at the ranch and thinking outside the box! : )