Tuesday, April 7, 2009

We made it to the ranch...

After starting our journey on Sunday afternoon, we made it last night about 6pm.  We made a pit-stop in Fargo to spend the  night with my brother and his wife.  The girls had to learn that you can't run, jump, scream or wrestle in an apt otherwise the neighbors will come up to see what is wrong.  We were off by 6:40 to head across the great state of ND.  

The girls were great, but it was a LONG drive.  We stopped  a couple miles from the driveway for my dad and brother to pick us up.  We got to see a real one room schoolhouse that teaches 5 children while we waited for them.  It took them over an hour to make it out of the 7 mile long driveway.  They have gotten over 4 ft of snow in the past two weeks and it is MUDDY!  (If my girls were boys, they would have been rolling in it already)  The truck made it 3 miles, before we had to be pulled by the huge tractor the rest of the 4 miles home.  My mini-van would have made it 100 ft down the driveway...I am thankful for big machines!

We have been out on the 4-wheeler and the mule (think of a golf cart on steriods) checking calves and giving medicine.  Grace and Lydia are really concerned that we wash their coats and boots before we go home...oh city kids!  I don't know if we ever thought of washing our stuff when we were kids...it was just going to get dirty the next time we went out.

Adie named a cow, "Rachel."  The first thing she told Nana when she came back into the house was, "Rachel pooped." She was well aware of the cows bodily fluids.

Now it is 60 degrees outside and we are building snow forts and tunnels...Only in Montana!

I have to be honest...I am a little bummed because I was planning on sewing out here and I forgot my powercord for the sewing machine...ARGH!  I remembered everything else but that! Oh I guess the Lord wants me to do other things this week!

Until the next update...

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