Friday, September 11, 2009

This week...

Here are a few pictures from Lifelight. As you can see, Lydia thought it was a little loud.

This is the whole bag of cotton candy that they were able to eat.

She really liked finding the duck throughout the day.

We had special access to the VERY front for Remedy Drive. I must admit that it was pretty cool.

We went to the zoo with Daddy after it was all over. It brought back great memories of living in SF.

Today is my last day with only 2 children at home, so I am a mission to get things done- like run errands.

This week we had the privileged of seeing video of Titus and Silas. We made them a video and sent it with a traveling parent who showed them on their computer. Titus and Silas looked a little terrified watching it, but then towards the end Silas blew us a kiss. It melted my heart. I simply want to get on a plane today and go and get them! God's timing is perfect for our family and need to be patient - easier said than done!

Last night was an ear piercing party. My SIL bought a professional gun kit because with so many girls we are WAY ahead by purchasing our own equipment. We figured if the 17 year old could do it and Claire's, so could we! Here are Grace and Lydia's new ears! Two of the cousins got theirs pierced yesterday too. I think they look bigger today! (Don't worry it was done under medical supervision - her husband is a doctor:)


Tengesdal 4 said...

What a fun bunch of memories :)

meg said...

love it! :)