Monday, September 7, 2009


We made it back with loads of festival funk, you know where everything is smelly, out of place and completely nasty, but we all had a great time. I actually think Grace and Lydia had their pleasure circuits overloaded. They sat still for 10 minutes today visiting Carl's Grandma and they said they were bored. (Don't worry we had a little chat about appropriate things to say when you are at someone's house...that is not it)

There favorite parts were, not in any particular order: eating as much candy as they wanted, including a whole bag of cotton candy, watching Remedy Drive from the pit (that is the very front - with their special passes), getting backstage to watch Daddy work, going to the Zoo, eating at CiCi's Pizza with old friends, going on inflatables, swimming at the hotel pool and last but not least...watching the Newsboys.

The Newsboys was the long anticipated part of the weekend. They were so tired last night that they fell asleep from 7-9pm during Lincoln Brewster and it took me 20 minutes to wake them up to watch the Newsboys. It was actually hard to keep them protected from random people wanting to step on them while they slept on the ground.

My favorite part was watching my husband work. There is such joy in watching someone doing what God created them to do. I was so very proud of him this weekend. Second favorite was watching my girls have such a great time.

Now it is time to go and switch a load of laundry:)

...For all you worry warts out there...Adie is doing very well being spoiled as the only grandchild along with having two uncles out at the ranch too! Grace and Lydia were concerned that Adie would be jealous that she wasn't able to do all that they were doing. I had to console them by saying she really didn't care at this point because she was having her own fun (like picking up dead grasshoppers and throwing them outside, riding the 4-wheeler, eating her own junk food and being chased by her uncles.

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