Thursday, September 3, 2009


I sent Carl off to LifeLight in Sioux Falls for the weekend. It is a free music festival that brings in anywhere from 60,000 - 100,ooo people per day - not too bad for South Dakota! He is the video directer for the weekend...which means that he is in charge of the video crew and his main job is to put up what you see on the big screens. He loves his job and all the variety that he gets.

Grace, Lydia and myself will be heading down tomorrow to enjoy the shows, see old friends and just hang out. Adie will be going to the ranch with her Nana...she won't be spoiled, I am quite sure of it.

So I won't be blogging until Monday or Tuesday of next week. Hopefully, I have great stories to tell - maybe the girls will be able to meet some bands. They really want to meet the Newsboys, but that is the busiest time backstage so I don't think that will happen but maybe Superchick or Remedy Drive.


Nathan Schock said...

Thanks for sharing him with us for the weekend!

Katie said...

Enjoy your trip to Sioux Falls and Lifelight.