Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Hovering near 60

Lord willing in 60 days we will be in Ethiopia picking up our boys. I am so excited and terrified all in the same breath. Once we step on that plane, our life will never be a family of 5. We will be charting new territory and stepping into waters never explored before.

I know what transition means when you add a baby to the family, but adding two two-year-olds is out of my league. Which brings me to complete dependence on God to provide for their needs and for mine.

For the next two months, I am trying to me very intentional on enjoying my life as it is right now, cherishing the time that I have with each of my girls. For example, Grace and Lydia have been my "coupon cutters" and they went to Walgreens with me to find the best deals. They even took their own money so that they could buy items for Operation Christmas Child. I was so proud of them for buying new toothbrushes and hair binders for kids less fortunate then themselves.

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Kristin said...

Amazing! And such gloriously good news!! You'll have something a little extra to be thankful for at Thanksgiving, for sure! :)