Friday, August 7, 2009


When God's people pray, He gets the glory. We surrender our thoughts, worries, joys, pain and lives over to him. It is amazing. Last night, people were praying all over the world thanks to the technology of the facebook and the blog. I am humbled beyond words to know that so many people were praying for our children and for the others affected with no court dates.

I looked up the word, "pray" on and did you know that there are 365 references to prayer? How crazy is that! One for each day! and when the New Testament was written there was a 10 month calendar...our God is relevant now. He is the beginning and the end knowing all that was and all that will be. He knew I would be sitting at my computer looking up prayer today. He knew my boys would still be in Africa. In all of that, he wants me to pray so that He would get the glory.

Today I am on my knees, pleading with God to do a miracle. And at the end of the day, no matter what happens, God is still God. He is perfect and working for my good.


Lindsey and Phillip said...

AMEN! God is Good!

Shonni said...

Continuing to pray with you also. We are waiting for our court date also and every day I hope to see something in my email!

meg said...

knowing the truth of your last sentence brings such a sense of peace. i never would have survived our journey to ellie had i not relied on that...jer 29:11