Tuesday, August 18, 2009

New Fabric @ Wings

I finally did it - I posted all my new fabric for nursing shawls and headscarves. Go and check it out at AdoptionWings.

I am going to do a big push of my sales before the boys come in November. My life might get a little busier and sewing probably won't be a high priority with 5 little ones running around. So - it is never too early to think about Christmas or those great little gifts for teachers or stocking stuffers for little girls.

Also, I would love ideas of colors and patterns you would like me to look for while shopping. Picking out fabric raises my blood pressure and not many other things do. I don't know why it totally stresses me out ....I feel like I am marrying this fabric and I better make the right choice when in all reality it is just a piece of cloth that my kids could play dress up with if it turn out to be a dud! This is where I can annoy myself - too much of a type A.

Looking forward to your orders!

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Melissa said...

I am going to be ordering some for Sitota. She is about 8...do you think that adult size would fit or should I get youth?? She will hopefully be home in November or December!! My mom was going to order some for her for Christmas...if we order at the end of October would that give you enough time? I am not sure when you are planning to travel! Good Luck and God Bless