Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I did it.

Yesterday I put pictures of the boys up in photo frames. I don't know what was really holding me back. I guess I thought they would be in our family by the end of the summer and I wanted to have those perfect pictures for the wall. Now when I mean perfect, I am not saying that they are clean, non-stained clothes, or even smiling...I love when we capture the "look" of our children. One of my favorites of Adie, is of her standing and looking up at us with two braids and her pink underwear on. (For Adie, clothes are optional most of the time...this is my daughter and I love her.)

We still do not have a court date. There are still rumors that the courts will close for September.

And I am praying for a miracle.

God knows my heart and I will trust and obey today.

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