Sunday, August 2, 2009

New Routine

I am turning 30 at the end of the month and I started to think that I haven't done much for my skin lately. Yes, I know that I am supposed to put sunscreen on, yet I usually don't. I really do want to have healthy skin when I am 40,50, 60 and beyond. If I want this, then I need to be proactive now to gain the results later. (This concept has parallels to so many areas of my life.)

So, I have started putting SPF 70 on every morning. I have successfully done this for 1 week. Now just 14 more days and hopefully I will have created a natural habit!

Go put it on your Target list...your skin will thank me later:)


Me said...

If at all possible, don't use chemical sunscreens. That is anything with the active ingredient starting with "oxi", like Oxibenzone. Try to get sunscreen with mineral sunscreens, like Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide. They often won't have as high spf (and they NEVER come in the spray on cans), but they are much better for your skin and don't have potential side effects. (last summer, there were a bunch of articles out about how the chemicals in most sunscreens seem to be related to a number of medical problems)

Angel Larsen said...

Thanks for doing the research! I checked the ingredients and there is nothing that starts with or has "oxi" in it.

Aveeno has been always noted as a great product for sensitive skin so I was kind of banking on that.

Me said...

Sorry, I spelled it wrong. It is "oxy" as in "oxybenzone." It is in at least 90% of all sunscreens (unfortunatley including Aveeno). I have had a hard time finding a face sunscreen without it. I recently found a Burts Bees one that doesn't.
for more info
is one of many sites that discuss chemical sunscreens

Angel Larsen said...

Oh bummer! It has that ingredient! I will check into Burt's Bees.

Thanks for watching out for me!

Me said...

You bet!
I actually switched our regular sunscreens last summer, but hadn't looked at my face lotion (cetaphil) and was bummed to find that it wasn't a good one. It's such a scary world full of chemicals anymore. I feel like I am always on the lookout for everything from BPA to triclosan to oxybenzone... the list goes on. I guess we do our best with what we know, right?

Laurel said...

At the "over 45" stage, I am so glad that I have always taken care of my skin. (I've used and sold Jafra skincare for 25 years.) Even with 13 children (which can certainly age a person) I get comments all the time about how young I look. I KNOW it's from my skincare routine ... incl. sunscreen.

mama of 13