Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Now we are settling into life.  Most of the boxes are unpacked...the ones I don't really want to go through are still in the garage.  How can a girl convince her husband that he will never really read those college text books.  Or the boxes and boxes of girl clothes...we just can't get rid of them because we are not done having kids yet.

Yes we are one of those "crazies" who want a big family.  People look at you like you have grown a third eye when we tell them that we are not done with three kids and we also feel the Lord calling us to adopt.  I find it funny that they always ask..."how will you afford college?"  Like college is the determination of how many children we should have.  It amazes me that it only took 2 -3 generations for this phenomena (large families to 2.2 children per family) to take place.  You weren't crazy if you had six kids 50 years ago.  It saddens me to see such decay in the family structure.

Carl is off in Africa.  He was supposed to go to Zimbabwe on a medical mission with is Dad, Mom and best friend from high school, but with the current political conditions they are just going on photo safari so Carl can get amazing stock photos and video for his business.  We miss him a lot around here.  He is the fun in our family and brings out laughter in everyone.  

The other day I caught him letting Grace and Lydia jump off the new bookshelves that we just put up.  He used to let them jump in his arms from the top of our half flight of stairs.  Now that we have a ranch home with 4 steps total in the whole house, he needed to find a new launching pad.  Well, I had to be the bubble burster of fun because our little Adie was looking that those bookshelves with a keen intent on doing just what her older sisters were doing.  They will have to find something different.

I am realizing how much God is downsizing my life right now.  I thought he was only doing it with the house but I am finding it in other areas too.  First I went to Wal-Mart last week and was totally disappointed because in SF we had a super Wal-Mart which was my one stop shop...here is just a little one with minimal food.  Then yesterday I went to Sam's Club and they didn't carry three items that we usually get.  I don't know why this was so bothersome, but it was.  I almost wanted to sit and cry in the middle of the isle in Sams.  I think it has to do more with the big picture of my life right now than the fact that Sam's didn't carry the long green beans in the frozen department. 

I know that in SF I was comfortable.  I was the same way in Fargo before we moved to SF.  I am not saying that comfort is bad...just that I was too comfortable with my life there.  He is stretching me to trust more and not rely on my own strength.  We get tired, burned out, and crabby if we go through life by our own will.  It reminds me our family theme verse from last year, "Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding.  It all of your ways acknowledge Him and He will make your paths straight."  Proverbs 3:5-6 

I hear my Liddy Bug crying so I better go and comfort her...

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