Saturday, July 12, 2008

Feeling so handy!

The past two days I have...
  • put up a towel rod
  • put in our Ihome (device that goes under the cupboard so I can listen to my Ipod)
  • put up 13 hooks in the hallway
  • wired 2 lights back into place
  • fixed a screen door
  • put up 2 corner wall protectors
  • painted my husband's office

I feel so handy lately!  I have to thank my mom for coming down to basically hold my hand while I try to learn how to do all these new projects. It is empowering learning something new!  I have never felt comfortable handling a drill.  (Why should I?  I have four brothers who did all that stuff for me when we were growing up.  I still love it when they come over and help me!  Thanks Chris for putting up my curtain rods!)  I keep thinking of things that need to get done around here!  I think I might try my hand at putting up a new smoke detector because the one we have now is probably as old as me.  And a new thermostat because we broke the one off the wall when we were trying to paint.  

oh yeah - I still need to climb on the roof to clean two sky light windows.  They have been driving me crazy since the day we moved in!  I know that you should be able to see some sky!

I should be off to bed because tomorrow is a big day!  We get to go to church and then off to Papa and Nana's house for a couple of days.

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Tengesdal 4 said...

You are too funny! I need you around here to scale the roof, wield the drill and wire the lights.... oh wait- I just want you around here to keep me company-- the other tricks you can do are just icing on the cake :)