Sunday, January 17, 2010

The one constant in our family is...


It happens quite frequently at our house. Nothing stays the same for very long. Whether we move, add children, different jobs, etc.

Most of you know by now but my husbands' sister and her family are moving to another city in April. We are all very sad at our house that this season was so very short. We would have loved to be next door neighbors for the next 30 years, but that is not what God had planned. We have enjoyed our almost daily play-dates, shared suppers, and basically shared lives. It has been such a blessing to have my sister-in-law be my neighbor and best friend. My children love their cousins so much and have such a great bond with them.

I am actually surprised at the reactions that I get when I say that we live next door to family. Most people crinkle up their nose and bring their eyebrows down and almost whisper, "Do you like that?" It saddens my heart when I hear those words because you know that they don't have a great relationship with their own families. God designed the family. It was the first thing that he did for Adam...he made a family by creating Eve. Why do we work so hard to go against God? I am not saying that everyone needs to live next door to their family, but most don't even consider it or pray about it.

What if more people started to live next to family? or what if people started to create family relationships with their neighbors? I know when we lived in SF, we tried very hard to create those relationships. I could call many neighbors to borrow things, babysit my kids, ask for help or just hang out for the afternoon. We actually had a neighbor come and sleep at our house when we went to the hospital to have Adie. One neighbor was our realtor when we tried to sell our home. We still stay in contact with quite a few of them.

Our hearts are sad, but we know that it is for the best that they move. It will only be 2 hours 20 minutes door to door. We will have to have lots of sleepovers!


Heather said...

Oh Angel - that does make me sad for you - what a beautiful thing you had going in your little "commune" : ), I know God will continue to provide for both of your families and just think how awesome it is that when they move you will have established such great relationships that will continue to grow in new ways through the distance. You have created wonderful memories!!

Kristin said...

I didn't know! How sad for you. :( I'm thankful you have such close relationships with your family.