Thursday, January 21, 2010

Home with the Boys

Today I sent the girls off with Nana to go to a play. I did not win mother of the year award because I sent them to the wrong place for the performance and now they will be 20 minutes late. I feel terrible. I wanted it to be so special for Adie because this is her first "Real" play. (If you give a mouse a cookie ) I hope they will be able to sneak in and at least see some of the performance.

That leaves me with my men. Three of them to be exact. Carl is gone and so what a different environment to just have little boys. Right now their favorite toy is Carl's chair in his office. Did you know that you can make it a merry go round? And the speed you can get on it is pretty amazing.

I think we are going to go play my favorite toy...Magna Tiles. You should check it out. It is worth every penny to get two sets! I am a very frugal mother and I don't why I waited so long to purchase these.

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Kristin said...

My kids, big ones included!, would LOVE Magna-Tiles. Thanks for sharing!