Saturday, January 2, 2010

Frozen Sewer

UPDATE: We have water and everything works!

Adventurous living... I am glad that I have plumbing to have this problem. I wouldn't want to go outback to the outhouse at minus 23 below zero...brrrr! And being almost 39 weeks pregnant...I go frequently.

At this point...NO water can leave our drains, otherwise it ends up in our utility room.

They are working on it now...hopefully it is fixed soon. The girls are hoping we have a sleepover at their cousins next door. We'll see!

I do think it is funny how things like this usually happen on the weekends or nights when they can charge overtime. Plus we have such a long run that they had to bring in the "bigger" truck which he looked at us and, "that will cost more." There goes my stash that I saved up thus far for my Bosh mixer. Bummer! That's life!

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