Friday, January 8, 2010

I should be napping...

Carl has taken to the whole blogging thing. He actually told me he was having fun writing for me. I did have to tell him that our styles are a tad bit different. He is so straight forward to the point...not much drama.

I on the other hand have written a million posts in my head sitting in the NICU. I don't know how many will actually get written down but I hope they do. I have had some great times in prayer with God - praising him, seeking him more, wrestling with him and just being completely honest, bare and raw.

I am doing well. (As well as you can when your baby is not with you.) God is good. He is working for our good and he is in control. Yesterday was hard. No one ever expects to have to leave the hospital without your baby. My three minute drive home was tough, but I was glad to go back and see him just after a couple of hours. It could have been much worse. The nurse told me last night that she expected Jack to be transferred to the cities and not be doing this well with what they were initially talking with the issues he could have had.

We are playing the waiting game with Jack. I haven't talked with the doctor yet today, hopefully I will see him this afternoon. But his Doc is great!! neonatologist/cardiologist super smart guy, so say some prayers for him and that he would do what is best for my littlest man.

You can also pray for my other 5 small children who are at home with my mom. (Pray for her too!) Trying to juggle both completely different worlds in surreal for me. Sometimes I need to take a step back and remind myself that this is my life and I am not watching or reading another person's life.

My eyes are heavy and I am going to go and take that quick nap and shower and head back to see my baby boy. Thank you for all the prayers - please keep them coming!


Kristin said...

Continuing to pray for you.


Heather said...

SO good to hear from YOU Angel - just to hear your thoughts and how you are doing. Carl thanks for keeping us all updated on Angel's behalf - her blogger faithfuls are really grateful!!
Praying for all of you - especially for little Jack - that he will breathe stronger and stronger and be able to soon come home to be with his 5 older siblings that I bet can't wait for him to join in the fun. Praying you will find the rest you need Angel and will take it and that God will continue to meet you - whether it be in the NICU, at home with the fam, in the shower or while you sleep. : ) Love you!