Friday, October 2, 2009

God answers even small prayers.

I have been praying for an over abundance of apples. Yes, I know it is a small prayer, something that might seem unimportant to most, but I know God cares about all my desires no matter how small. I put a request in our church email - it went out this morning and would you know by noon a dear woman called from church saying I could have ALL of her apples. What to know what makes this even better? I never prayed about what kind of apples, but my favorite is the harrelson apple. Yup, you guessed it...she has two trees full of them.

This was a good lesson for me this morning because so many times I get caught up in my "big" prayer requests that I forget to pray for the small unnoticeable everyday activities of my life. I need to pray more without ceasing and I need to pray aloud so my children can see and hear. It is easy to be a closet prayer, but if I never pray out loud for my kids to hear, how will they ever learn?

I wish you all could hear Adie pray for our meals. Sometimes she can go on for minutes at a time praying for her brothers and for her sisters and mom and dad. And no matter what her prayer is about, she is thankful that she was able to go swimming with her mommy. (I think I need to take her more often.)

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Tengesdal 4 said...

Thanks for the reminder to bring all of our requests to the Lord!! (And I can't wait to hear that you & Miss Adie went swimming!!) :)