Saturday, October 17, 2009

The "NEW" family room

This morning when I woke, the whole family was in our room.

Last night Lydia had an accident in her bed so she crawled into the toddler bed that we keep at the end of our bed. (I can't remember if I have blogged about this before or not, but our room is huge and so we keep the spare toddler bed at the end of our bed to keep little munchkins out of our bed. It works great for when there are nightmares, sick ones or whatever they can come up with in the middle of the night.) The toddler bed works awesome for Grace and Lydia, but Adie, well, she won't sleep in it. She needs to be right in the middle of us...surprise, surprise.

Last night, she wanted me of course and I tried to ignore her for awhile to see if she would fall back to asleep on her own. Nope...she was by Carl's side of the bed in a few minutes. Instead of bringing her back to bed, he let her crawl in and sleep between us.

Now a couple of hours later, Grace woke up with nightmares. Carl tried to put her back to bed, but she was a little delirious. He grab her blankets and put her on the floor because Lydia was already occupying the toddler bed.

This brings me back to all the kids in our room when I woke up. It was precious to hear all of them breathing in the early morning. I couldn't help to let my mind wander to the boys and wonder what they were up to. Even though they do not reside at our house, they are forever on my mind and in my heart.

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