Friday, May 1, 2009

Take your daughters to work day!

Yesterday Grace and Lydia were able to go to a Pulse Event (a ministry geared toward young adults). They had back stage passes and you would have thought they had gold around their necks. It was such a great homeschool event for us. They were able to see what Carl does with the live events in addition to being able to stay and watch the whole concert, which included the Newsboys.
Here are the Newsboys doing a little ditty on the end of their walkway. It was pretty cool. Lydia was impressed when the drum kit went up in the air and started spinning sideways. This was back on the main stage.

BUT...they were so excited during the day that they just couldn't rest, which means they fell asleep during the concert! I can hardly believe that they could sleep with such loud music and lights. (I had earplugs in...yes I know I am old but my ears are so sensitive). Lydia slept through most of the first couple bands and woke up for the end of Newsboys and Grace tried SO hard to stay awake that she fell into comatose mode half way through Newsboys.

We had a great time as a family for the past two days...the girls were so excited to find out that we had a swimming pool at the hotel and that I remembered their suits! I love being the hero for such simple things!

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