Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Propitiation is the work of Jesus Christ on the cross, by which He fulfills the wrath of God (both an emotional response of anger and a moral response of indignation), and conciliates Him who would otherwise be offended by our sin and would demand that we pay the penalty for it.

Angel Larsen translation: it means that Jesus Christ took ours sins and took them as his own. He paid the penalty.

My girls understand this:

Tonight at supper Adie had a melt down right before and missed the whole meal. By the time she decided that she was ready to join us, we were cleaning the table and having dessert. She was eating her noodles when she realized that what we were having looked so much better than her noodles.

Carl told her that she needed to finish her noodles before she could have dessert. Like Adie fashion she decided to scream and holler to see if we would change our minds. NOPE didn't work. We reminded her that all she needed to do was finish what was on her plate. (She knew exactly what we were saying.)

Carl and I were loading the dishwasher when I looked up to see Grace grab a handful of noodles and tell Adie, "Here Adie there are just a few left them up."

Then Lydia grab all but one noodle and ate those.

Grace looked at me and said, "I think we should just give Adie a mercy. We ate her noodles for her and now her plate is clean."

What do you say to that?

Adie got her dessert tonight.


crazylady said...

After a day of teaching your kids to love one another even when they don't feel like it....a momment like this is when it makes it all worth it!

Aiden thinks this IS how you clean your plate...He gives all his food away. It only took us a few times to figure out what he was doing. We don't have dessert every night so at first it didn't make we are on to him.

Tengesdal 4 said...

How awesome that the girls are understanding what it means to show mercy & that they are extending it to their little sister!