Thursday, May 14, 2009

Adie Date

I took my little sweet pea with me on a date to Menards and Target. She was so good and so sweet and SO sticky. (I let her have a sucker in the cart) We had a splendid time trying to shop sales, rebates and coupons.

Almost everything on my list to get at Menards had a rebate to go with it, so I was super excited! Plus we were able to find a few things that were free after rebate or for super cheap. I was able to save $49 at Menards with rebates.

Target was great too! I spent $50.00 even, by using $32.55 in coupons.

This is what I got:
10 boxes of tampons for 2.12 each (They were on sale for over 1/2 off)
shoes for 4.24
tights for 98 cents
4 bags of Mozzarella cheese
2 boxes Ritz, 2 boxes Wheat thins, 2 Triscuits, 2 100 cal snack pack, 4 Kool-Aid makes 12 qt. each, soap for 9 cents, 2 Kraft dressings and a pack of hot dog buns.

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Tengesdal 4 said...

Hey- don't you LOVE a good deal? The other day I saved 53% on my groceries (it tracks it for me on the receipt)! I was SO excited!!