Thursday, January 29, 2009

#22 Watching my children sleep

Number #22 from my "25 random things about me"was very applicable tonight.

Carl called me into the hallway and said, "Quick you NEED to go into the girls' room."

So, before I went in I guessed that Adie was sleeping buck naked in her crib.

I would have won the jackpot, if there ever was won.

Yes, Adie was sleeping naked with nothing in her crib. Brrrr! She even took off the duct taped diaper, which was very impressive I might add. (We have to tape her diapers on her now because she takes them off as fast as you can put them back on. But she has no interest in using the potty)

She really was sweet to watch, but all things must come to an end becaue I didn't want to have to clean her up when she did go potty. I put her diaper and PJ's back on and there wasn't even a peep out of her. She went straight back to bed.

I am off to bed!

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Tengesdal 4 said...

Hilarious :) Thanks for sharing this- I'm giggling as I think about Adie and her spirit! :)