Friday, March 20, 2009

Adventures in motherhood

God has blessed me with two ridiculously strong willed children who will someday change the world and one who will sing the world into a more beautiful place.

Grace has been singing and dancing around to the Sound of Music all week. She even does the leg movements like Lissa and her favorite is "16 going on 17." Oh that makes a mother's heart nervous....boys, boys and more boys.

I sometimes forget that Lydia is just 4 years old. She just asked me when her friends were coming over. I said, "Two hours." Her reply, "That will be a holy cow long time." Do I say these things? Where does she come up with things like this to say?

Adie has had one of her...let's just say feisty days. She sat next to me on the couch to have me look up at her and jump off the couch saying, "Did you just pee on the couch?" My whole side was warm and wet. "Ah ha" with a head nod. I was thankful we had hand me down leather couches. Accidents like that can be wiped up with little effort. Oh very soon Adie will be down for her LONG afternoon nap...fingers crossed.

Now this afternoon we are having 5 girls over to plant flowers in little cups. I bet there will be dirt everywhere. I am looking forward to getting out our science notebook and writing some observations as our marigolds grow for Mother's day.

I am looking forward to tonight when I am having a project night. Ladies are coming over to work on their "projects" whatever that might be...sewing, card making, scrapbooking...etc. It will be fun to eat our the chocolate chocolatechip cookies and chips and salsa. What could be better than salt, chocolate and conversations?

Off to reading The Wizard of Oz...


Amanda said...

I hear you on the spirited girls! I have two very spirited ones today, one is cutting teeth and the other is just plain full of mischief. I let her go in the playroom and withing 20 minutes she had it a total mess and for some reason she doesn't seem to get the concept of picking things up:)

Project night..sounds like fun and a great idea. A night to work on whatever you need. I could use one of those. I hope you enjoyed.
Thanks for the post. It made me smile:) God bless!

crazylady said...

Not many things are better than chocolate, friends, and project night!!! Thanks for having us! I continued it this morning... misty foggy day = movies for kids and quiet time for mom... more project time!