Thursday, April 1, 2010

I love


Especially on days like today. Jack has another cold which means all I can do it hold him. Everyone took to crying as their coping skill for the day. I even cried. You know you are a mom when you wet wipes instead of Kleenex because they are closer to reach.

Even in the midst of my hard day, their were highlights.
The temperature was 77 degrees today. I live in MN and that is unheard of for the first of April.
The trees are budding and spring is here. God has been so gracious with an early spring because our house was feeling mighty small with so many little people running around. And now with my Sister-in-law not living next door, we don't have anywhere to go to burn off all of our extra energy. Biking around our driveway has become the new favorite past time.

Speaking of biking...Silas is a wild man on his bike. Faster is better. I am so thankful we have a helmet for him. He is going to be my ER kid because of all the crazy stuff he does.

Lydia is sooooo close to riding a bike all by herself. I wish I didn't have to wear Jack on the front of me so that I could help her more. Even with that, she is doing great. A couple more days of practice and she should have it! She wants to surprise her cousins with her new skills when we go and visit them in 10 days. (not that we are counting days around here:) She wanted to pack her suitcase today so she would be "ready."

My little man needs to go and walk the halls....

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